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When it comes to being well thought out and effortless, Yanga Yaya has it down to the perfect science. His performances combine high energy sets with an eclectic range of genres to produce experimental new-age soul. We recently spoke to the quadruple threat — singer, songwriter, dancer and medical doctor — and this is what he had to say.

The lyrics to the track lend itself to a scenario focused on a quarrel between lovers.

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Interestingly, one of the reasons Yanga YaYa called the track Sulphur is because the element is used to make many combustible materials. Bio: Yaya grew up in Torino, Italy and purchased his first pair of decks at age It was then that he began playing at clubs and parties in techno-house scene. At 18, he visited the island of music hedonism, Ibiza; for the first time and it was there that he played at several afterhours parties in which he started to get noticed by entrepreneurs of the white islands electronic circus.

In the afternoons, Yaya spent hours mixing synths of his hybrid sound, storing up a vast library of tracks.