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  3. A Very Hairy Bear
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Sign up now. He eats all the acorns he can hold. Follow one very hairy bear on some hair-raising adventures! In the spring, Very Hairy Bear spends his time fishing for salmon, hunting for honey and playing in the woods.

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As spring turns into summer and into autumn, our furry friend makes sure he has fun in the forest. But winter is coming, and soon it will be time for Very Hairy Bear to have a very long nap. The only thing stopping him is his chilly nose!

They are always adorable. It is like it is some sort of literary rule.

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If you want to write a cute book that sells well and melts hearts, just add a bear. Case in point: Winnie-the-Pooh. This un-bear-ably sorry… I had to cute book was originally published in , but the brilliant people over at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt decided to reprint it as a more baby-friendly board book. In it goes when he smells fish! Many authors can go overboard when it comes to rhyming, the effect of which is oftentimes abrasive to the ear or impossible to get through. Schertle edited herself well, and thus produced a text that is enjoyable and easy to read because it presents a natural rhythm for its reader.

Phelan blithely plays with perspective and point of view.

A Very Hairy Bear

And it is the perfect board book to give to new parents, or to a little loved one this holiday season! Other Bear Books I Adore:. Children can sit on kid-sized toy horses or in lifelike cars while they get their hair cut.

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No one caters to mothers in such a convenient way either. One thing that mothers tend to put off after having kids is self-care. I went in and talked to [Opportunities], and they told me what I needed to do and made it happen. Things are different at The Hairy Bear. A chalkboard wall encourages kids to get creative.

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The LEGO table beckons kids to build and innovate. That means that children have a place to hang out while their parents are getting beautified in the adult section. Sandra explained the process. If you just want to stop in and get a quick cut, I usually can accommodate that.

The Very Scary Hairy Bear, a song by Katherine Dines on Spotify

If you call me within a day or two, you usually can get in and for an appointment. The kids who get to play while their mothers get their hair done would probably say the opposite, though.

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Many parents have trouble getting their kids to leave even after a few hours of play. The job comes with its own challenges.