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When Ian Ker reissued his biography of Newman in , he added an afterword [] in which he put forward evidence that Newman was a heterosexual. He cited diary entries from December in which the year-old Newman wrote about the temptations awaiting him when he returned home from boarding school and met girls at Christmas parties. Ker comments: "The only 'sacrifice' that he could possibly be referring to was that of marriage. And he readily acknowledges that from time to time he continued to feel the natural attraction for marriage that any heterosexual man would".

The Goldfinch Movie Review: When Adaptation Is Too Reverent

Within both the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches, Newman's influence was great in dogma. On Catholics, his influence was mainly in the direction of a broader spirit and of a recognition of the part played by development , in doctrine and in church government. If his teaching on the church was less widely followed, it was because of doubts as to the thoroughness of his knowledge of history and as to his freedom from bias as a critic.

Newman founded the independent school for boys Catholic University School , Dublin, and the Catholic University of Ireland which evolved into University College Dublin , a college of Ireland's largest university, the National University of Ireland , which has contributed significantly both intellectually and socially to Ireland.

They provide pastoral services and ministries to Catholics at non-Catholic universities; at various times this type of "campus ministry" the distinction and definition being flexible has been known to Catholics as the Newman Apostolate or "Newman movement". Newman's Dublin lecture series The Idea of a University Defined and Illustrated is thought to have become "the basis of a characteristic British belief that education should aim at producing generalists rather than narrow specialists, and that non-vocational subjects—in arts or pure science—could train the mind in ways applicable to a wide range of jobs".

The miracle was investigated and confirmed by the Vatican. A second miracle, necessary for his canonisation , was approved by the Vatican in November This miracle concerned the healing of a pregnant American woman from a life-threatening condition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English cleric and cardinal. This article is about the English cardinal. For the Bohemian-American bishop, see John Neumann. For other uses, see Cardinal Newman disambiguation. Aristotle , Plato , Socrates , St. Augustine , St.

Thomas Aquinas , Dante Alighieri , St. Chesterton , J. Tolkien , C. This section does not cite any sources.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Tracts for the Times. Aquinas , Scotus , and Ockham. Renaissance and Modern. Adler G. Main article: Canonisation of John Henry Newman. Saints portal Biography portal. BBC News. Longmans, Green, and Company. Acton and History. Cambridge University Press. Gracewing Publishing.

John Henry Newman: his life and work. Continuum International Publishing Group. The Tablet. The National Institute for Newman Studies. Dictionary of National Biography.

Download PDF Emilys Resolution (The Saintly Bernard)

The Matchless Vale: the story of Ham and Petersham and their people. Ham and Petersham Association. Huxley: Scientist Extraordinary. Retrieved 31 August Newman at Deddington". Archived from the original on 3 June Sidney Lee ed. The Dictionary of National Biography.

Oxford University Press. CUA Press. XXVI, p. Achilli and Dr. XV, London, p. Newman's Unquiet Grave. Newman, The Idea of a University , London, , pp. A token of the prophetic, timeless and universal nature of Newman's vision is its adoption by writers and thinkers generations on, and far removed, from the circumstances of nineteenth century tertiary education in Catholic Ireland. The Oxford Oratory.

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Turner, ed. Apologia Pro Vita Sua. Newman on Vatican II. Popes and Politics: Reform, Resentment, and the Holocaust. Stanford University Press. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Retrieved 20 September West Midlands News. Ellmann, Richard ed. Selected Letters of James Joyce.

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London: CTS, , p. The full sentence reads: "His delicate mind, with its refinements, its hesitations, its complexities—his soft, spectacled, Oxford manner, with its half-effeminate diffidence- such things were ill calculated to impress a throng of busy Cardinals and Bishops, whose days were spent amid the practical details of ecclesiastical organisation, the long-drawn involutions of papal diplomacy, and the delicious bickerings of personal intrigue.

New York: Fred De Fau, , p. Later research by Ker see below and others does not support the idea of Newman's "sexlessness". Decadence and Catholicism. Harvard University Press, , p. Palgrave MacMillan, , p. In the passage cited by Roden, Shairp describes the style of Newman's sermons as "so simple and transparent, yet so subtle withal; so strong yet so tender; the grasp of a strong man's hand, combined with the trembling of a woman's heart Roden here explicitly follows Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick , whose term " homosociality " he uses in the sense of "homosociability or homoaffectivity" p.

The Friend. Oxford University Press, , pp. Retrieved 2 February The Telegraph. In the Apologia he had exorcised the phantom which, as he said, "gibbers instead of me"—the phantom of the secret Romanist, corrupting the youth of Oxford, devious and dissimulating. But he raised another phantom—that of the oversensitive, self-absorbed recluse [] who never did anything but think and write. In Newman's letters and memoranda and those of his friends, a more outgoing and humorous character is revealed.

Later he was active as a Catholic priest.

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He was a caring pastor, and their recorded reminiscences show that they held him in affection. Newman, who was only a few years younger than Keats and Shelley , was born into the Romantic generation, when Englishmen still wept in moments of emotion.

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But he lived on into the age of the stiff upper lip , with the result that later generations, hearing of his tears on a visit to his mother's grave or at the funerals of old friends such as Henry Wilberforce , thought him not only sensitive but melancholy. The "sensitive recluse of legend" [] had a wide currency, appearing, for instance, in Lytton Strachey 's description, in his famously debunking set of portraits Eminent Victorians , as Newman's "soft, spectacled, Oxford manner, with its half-effeminate diffidence".

He was a great hater! Strachey was only ten when Newman died and never met him. Newman's face was "remarkably like that of Julius Caesar.