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The guides would use different colors for the three dimensions. Ideally the guides should remember which object they were created from and update when that object's perspective the set of 3 vanishing points or directions is edited in the 3D tool.

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This is a big and infinitely expandable area. We do not expect any single student to cover all of this in a single summer. You can propose a reasonably useful subset of this functionality as your GSoC project. As explained on this wiki page , Live Path Effects allow arbitrary path-changing effects to be applied to any path object. Inkscape will remember the original path before the transformation was applied, so you will be able to remove the effect, chain several effects on the same path, adjust their parameters, etc.

All the effects metadata will be stored in Inkscape-only attributes.

In the same section

At the same time, the resulting visible path with the effects applied is saved using pure SVG elements and attributes and thus visible to all SVG renderers, thus upholding Inkscape's basic principle of operation: drawings must look exactly the same in Inkscape as in any SVG-compliant renderer. This approach will allow us to make many of the effects currently implemeted as extensions in the Effects menu live and interactive.

Path randomization, putting pattern along path, blends, envelopes, various distortions - all these can and should be live path effects, not the clunky, slow, and inconvenient Python scripts. Fortunately, Inkscape architecture makes creating live path effects relatively easy. To complete this project, a student must implement at least several simple effects, propose and create a basic user interface for applying them to paths Path Effects tool?

Inkscape Tutorial 3 Point Perspective Tool (Pt. 1) - by VscorpianC

Some of the effects that you could start with are:. Last year we had a successful project to integrate the SVG online whiteboard capability, called Inkboard, into Inkscape. Unfortunately, it does not work on Windows, so many users are missing out on this capability. Inkscape currently has square grids that can be snapped to.

Extend this to allow other kinds of grids: Perspective, hex, iso, etc. This will involve modifying the grid code to support the ability to have multiple kinds of grids, implementing at least 3 new grids, and adding the UI elements to allow users to make use of them. Inkscape's text tool is handy, but still lacks many of the niceties that users would like.

This project would seek to address this by implementing various improvements that users have requested. Note: in 0. But they are clumsy and slow. We need this to be in the core of the program with a good interactive user interface. Inkscape's current EPS import is brittle, not as well maitained as we might like, and not available for all target platforms as it depends on 3rd party software.


The student needs to evaluate these or other possibilities, lay out a plan, and implement a native importer in Inkscape, either using an external lib to link to, or just importing the necessary code directly into Inkscape tree as we did for Potrace. The end result will be Inkscape being able to correctly import a reasonable majority of EPS or PDF files in the wild we can agree on a more formal conformance test if this idea interests anyone.

Corel Draw was and still is a very popular drawing application and many files exist in the Corel Draw format. The user interface of Corel Draw is more similar in many ways to Inkscape than other graphics software making Inkscape more attractive to Corel Draw artists. We are getting a lot of requests from users to support this format.

While CDR is not an open format, several open source implementations exist, from which you can borrow code:. A student for this project will need to plan the scope of the feature we do not need to do all the fancy features, but basics need to be covered and assemble, with the help of the mentor, a library of sample CDR files for testing.

LionKimbro can help someone spec out the capabilities, interfaces both programmatic and GUI , and so on. While the occurrence of SVG fonts in the wild seems to be pretty low, we will benefit from this by being able to embed fonts and thus ensure rendering of text without converting it to paths. An often requested feature is for Inkscape to support multi-page editing.

5 Steps for the Beginner Painter: How to Get Started

Currently, an Inkscape document is set to correspond to 1 printed page. However, the next version of SVG specification 1. This project would involve several steps: 1 Add internal support for reading and writing SVG 1. Another frequent request is support for a tabbed interface.

To be clear a tabbed interface is quite a different request from this one and any such Tabbed interface would need to accomodate the requirement of single documents with multiple pages like those proposed in SVG and already existing in PDF, OpenDocument Draw, and many others.

Filters are a very important SVG capability. These lessons should be completed before moving on to more advanced lessons in later volumes. Product Details. Average Review.

Google Summer of Code - Inkscape Wiki

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